‘You’re Just Being a Hack’: Ben Ferguson Confronts CNN Guest for Criticizing Mark Levin


A segment on CNN revolving around President Donald Trump’s tweets this morning accusing former President Barack Obama of wiretapping his phones in Trump Tower went a bit off the rails when the conversation veered towards conservative radio host Mark Levin’s role in those tweets.

Host Pamela Brown highlighted that Trump’s tweetsstorm seemed to be based on a Breitbart article that was largely a recap of a comments made by Levin on his radio program. She then asked CNN political commentator and conservative radio host Ben Ferguson what level of proof he’d be comfortable with before seeing the president tweet out something like this.

“If you look at Mark Levin, who is not a guy who has been accused in his career many times — or even ever — of putting out false or misinformation,” Ferguson stated before noticing Democratic strategist Robert Zimmerman laughing.

“If you’re going to laugh about it then back about it my friend,” Ferguson shot back. “He makes Rush Limbaugh look legitimate,” Zimmerman responded.

“That’s a hack job attack that you just did,” Ferguson exclaimed. “You didn’t give a fact here. I’ve known Mark a long time. He’s a lawyer; he’s a constitutional lawyer.”

He added, ” If you’re going to imply somehow he’s put out misinformation, you’ve got to give me an example of it. Otherwise you’re just being a hack.”

Later in the discussion, the two would go at it again when Zimmerman accused Levin of spreading false information on Hillary Clinton and Ferguson pressing him to provide a specific example of Levin doing that.

Watch the exchange above, via CNN.

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