Comic Who Played Head of State on TV Elected New President of Ukraine

A popular television comic has been elected the new president of Ukraine.

Volodomyr Zelenskiy has no actual experience as a politician. He has played a president on TV, however.

In his show, Servant of the People, Zelenskiy plays a school teacher who becomes president after his online rant goes viral. He has had the role for years.

While running for actual office, though, the comedian did not appear to lay out a clear platform, something that he was criticized for. It did not matter much though. The comedian turned politician won in a landslide.

Vox notes that Zelenskiy’s anti-corruption message seemed to strike a chord with Ukrainians eager for change.

Zelensky — or “Ze,” as he’s more popularly known — has no prior political experience and hasn’t offered a detailed blueprint for how he would govern. But he struck a populist, anti-corruption message during the campaign that clearly resonated with millions of Ukrainians suffering from poverty and government graft. That, plus his previous celebrity, made him a formidable force during the Eastern European country’s election.

The sitting president, Petro Poroshenko, has been plagued with charges of corruption.

Zelenskiy’s comedy show, by the way, is available on Netflix with subtitles.

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