Secret Recording Shows Jim Jordan Saying Trump is About to Announce 2024 Run, Despite Spox Denial


On Thursday night, Lauren Windsor of The Undercurrent reported that Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) told her at an event in Iowa that Donald Trump will announce a presidential run “any day now.”

Maggie Haberman of The New York Times seemed to back her reporting, saying, “Trump could always not pull the trigger but this is what he’s now told several people – sooner rather than later.”

Windsor’s report was swiftly denied by a spokesperson for Jordan, who told Politico, “Not true. Mr. Jordan did not say this.”

But now we have learned – to paraphrase Jim Comey – lordy, there are tapes. Or at least, videos because literal tape was not used as far as we can tell.

On Friday, Windsor tweeted a video of her and a man speaking with Jordan about the possibility of Trump running in 2024. It does not appear that Jordan was aware he was being recorded. In the video released, Jordan did not in fact say Trump will run “any day now” as Windsor originally quoted him. However, he did he say he knows that Trump will run and is “about ready to announce.”

The videos capture two angles of the same conversation:

Windsor and the unidentified man told Jordan they are “big fans” of Trump, prompting Jordan to say, “President Trump, he’s gonna run again.”

“You think so?” asks the man.

“I know so,” replied the congressman. “Yeah, I talked to him yesterday. He’s about ready to announce after all of this craziness in Afghanistan.”

As for the spokesperson’s denial – “Not true. Mr. Jordan did not say this” – it may still be correct in the most technical way, so long as “this” refers to Jordan saying Trump will run “any day now.” The congressman does not use those exact words in the videos released. Nevertheless, Windsor’s reporting on the spirit rather than the letter of what he said appears to be more or less accurate, despite the apparent misquote.

Windsor, a liberal journalist, has released numerous videos of her posing as a conservative and speaking with Republicans. Earlier this week she released a video in which she engaged with Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), and she insisted to him the election was stolen from Trump. Johnson responded by explaining that it’s highly unlikely.

Watch above via The Undercurrent.

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