Sen. Coons Criticizes AG Barr’s Summary of Mueller Report for Creating More Confusion Instead of Transparency


During his interview with Morning Joe on Wednesday, Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) criticized Attorney General William Barr’s summary of Robert Mueller’s final report of his two-year investigation and the way he is trying to redact the full report.

Mueller’s report, according to Barr’s summary, said President Donald Trump and his campaign were cleared on any collusion with Russia. It did not make a determination on obstruction of justice. Barr and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein then concluded there wasn’t enough evidence for an offense.

Joyce Vance was on a short time ago, the former federal prosecutor, making a distinction between what Congress should see in the Mueller report, she believes unredacted, and what the public should see, where you may redact sensitive information, grand jury testimony, classified information, things like that. Are you confident that you will see the unredacted Mueller report from the Attorney General,” MSNBC’s Willie Geist asked.

“No, I’m not and that’s one of my main concerns. The ways in which the Attorney General has sought to restrict, control, redact this report has created more confusion rather than more transparency. He came before us in his confirmation hearing and pledged that he would lean in toward transparency,” Coons replied.

“I still remain hopeful that we will find ways to achieve transparency, but everything he’s done so far, from his very short summary of his version of the highlights of the report released publicly, to the ways in which he is proceeding with redaction, I think both don’t fit with the regulations and don’t fit with his commitment to full transparency,” he continued.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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