Chris Coons

Chris Coons Implies Avenatti Didn’t Help Kavanaugh Process: ‘Widespread Response’ His Client Raised ‘Not Credible Allegations’

Sen. Coons to Fox & Friends: Initial Kavanaugh Probes Found ‘Whiff’ of Evidence on Drinking, Sexual Misconduct Claims

Senator Jeff Flake: Trump’s Mockery of Christine Ford Was ‘Appalling’

Coons and Flake Agree If There is Proof Kavanaugh Lied to the Committee the Nomination’s Over

Flake Says ‘Not a Chance’ He’d Ask for Kavanaugh Probe if He Was Seeking Re-Election

Flake and Coons Say Kavanaugh Was Too ‘Partisan’ in Testimony: ‘Belligerent, Aggressive, Angry’

Jeff Flake at Global Citizen Festival: ‘Feel Free to Join Me in an Elevator Anytime’

Jeff Flake, Chris Coons Set to Appear on 60 Minutes to Talk ‘Last-Minute Compromise’ on Kavanaugh

Martha MacCallum Battles Sen. Coons: Don’t Both Kavanaugh and Ford ‘Bear the Burden’ to Prove Credibility?

Senator Coons: Feinstein ‘Forced’ to Release Kavanaugh Accuser’s Letter So Late Because of Media Leak

Chris Coons Won’t Rule Out Cory Booker Appearing Before Ethics Committee for Releasing Kavanaugh Documents

Chris Coons: ‘It’s Just Not True’ When Trump Claims No One Has Been Tougher on Russia Than Himself

Dem Senator Wants Don Jr. to Testify Again: I’m ‘Concerned’ He Lied About Foreign Contacts

Dem Sen. Encourages Trump to Say He’ll Sign Bill Protecting Mueller: Would ‘Shut Up the Critics’

Sen. Chris Coons Slams Facebook’s Zuckerberg Over ‘Fake Accounts’ Before Testimony: ‘This is Unacceptable’

Democratic Sen.: House Republicans Engaging in ‘Increasingly Baseless Attacks’ on DOJ, FBI

Another Dem Senator Claims Gary Cohn Ended Trump Call: ‘Challenge to Transition Him Off’

Sen. Chris Coons: Trump’s ‘Calm Before the Storm’ Was Just Him Acting Like a ‘Reality TV Star’

Sen. Chris Coons Thinks North Korea May Be Able to Reach the U.S. With an ICBM ‘Within Two Years’

‘This Is No Longer Reality TV’: Democratic Senator Slams Trump Over North Korea Tweet

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