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Dem Senator Wants Don Jr. to Testify Again: I’m ‘Concerned’ He Lied About Foreign Contacts

Dem Sen. Encourages Trump to Say He’ll Sign Bill Protecting Mueller: Would ‘Shut Up the Critics’

Sen. Chris Coons Slams Facebook’s Zuckerberg Over ‘Fake Accounts’ Before Testimony: ‘This is Unacceptable’

Democratic Sen.: House Republicans Engaging in ‘Increasingly Baseless Attacks’ on DOJ, FBI

Another Dem Senator Claims Gary Cohn Ended Trump Call: ‘Challenge to Transition Him Off’

Sen. Chris Coons: Trump’s ‘Calm Before the Storm’ Was Just Him Acting Like a ‘Reality TV Star’

Sen. Chris Coons Thinks North Korea May Be Able to Reach the U.S. With an ICBM ‘Within Two Years’

‘This Is No Longer Reality TV’: Democratic Senator Slams Trump Over North Korea Tweet

‘Isn’t There More Than a Whiff of McCarthyism?’: Chris Wallace Grills Senator on Trump/Russia Claims

‘I Believe They Exist’: Democratic Senator Says ‘There Are Transcripts’ Regarding Russia and Trump

Senator Who Denounced GOP Debt Limit ‘Games’ Now Flirts With Holding It Hostage

Democratic Sen.: Trump Should Put Phone Down and Stop Tweeting Us Into International Incidents

Dem Senator: Our Party Should Be Listening to the Obama Voters Who Switched to Trump

Dem Senators’ Bill Threatens Impeachment If Donald Trump Doesn’t Divest From Businesses

Wolf Blitzer Grills Dem Sen. on Recount Efforts: If Trump Did This, You Would Object

Dem Senator: Lynch and Clinton’s Private Meeting ‘Sends the Wrong Signal’

Dem Senator: No, My Daugher Doesn’t Think Biden’s ‘Creepy’

Biden Has Seriously Awkward Interaction with Senator’s Daughter

Rachel Maddow: Why Mock Moderates When The Tea Party Are The ‘Least Respected’ Group In America?

Update: Police Investigate Now-Confirmed Contact Between Rep. Weiner And Underage Delaware Girl

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