Watch: Dem Rep. Lawrence GRILLS AG William Barr Over Decision to Gut Obamacare


Rep. Brenda Lawrence (D-MI) took on Attorney General William Bar and his apparent decision to gut Obamacare Tuesday morning, in a congressional hearing designed to review the Trump administration’s proposed budget for the Department of Justice for the coming fiscal year.

Lawrence opened by noting the increase of hate crimes under the Trump administration that felt like something of a tutorial in the ethos of “stay woke” culture. That feeling became official when Lawrence literally explained the phrase “stay woke” and why she and her constituents feel it is applicable in a time of increased violence against people of color.

She then turned to the issue of Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act, which critics see the Department of Justice as having tried to undo under Barr’s leadership.

“I want you to explain to me, do you understand your role, when you issue a statement abolishing affordable care act, that you as the attorney general of the people of the United States have a responsibility to understand and support that decision, not based on the policy of a president of the United States?” Lawrence asked.

Barr cited his confirmation hearing testimony by citing the three roles an AG plays: enforcement, policy and providing legal advice. He then added, “the Attorney General has the responsibility to provide straight from the shoulder legal advice as to what the attorney general thinks is the right view of the law.”

Lawrence replied: “So in this case of ACA, you felt it was the right decision under the law to issue that you support abolishing the affordable care act? That’s your legal opinion?”

Barr returned to his original explanation saying that his “first obligation is to provide (his) best view of the law to the Executive Branch.”

Lawrence reminded AG Barr “Sir, we pass laws. The president of the United States does not pass laws,” before expressing that she was “very concerned” over this matter.

Watch above via CNN.

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