Howard Kurtz Gets Brutally Mocked for ‘Both-Sidesing’ Sec of State Mike Pompeo and… Whoopi Goldberg


Fox News’ Howard Kurtz received a brutal mocking for a column that “both-sided” the refusal of the Trump administration to concede the presidential election and comments from liberals like Whoopi Goldberg.

“It used to be that presidential elections settled things for awhile, even when power changed hands, as a new leader was given a little breathing room to pursue his priorities,” the column began. “Not this election.”

Kurtz’s piece was meant to highlight the actions and insults getting fired from both sides of the aisle following the election, with liberals celebrating the victory of Joe Biden, while President Donald Trump falsely claims the race was stolen.

Instead, pundits focused on Kurtz’s decision to compare Goldberg with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo — mocking him for placing equal blame on the head of the State Department and the host of The View.

“On one side, we have Whoopi Goldberg scolding Trump voters for questioning the election, telling them to ‘suck it up,'” he wrote. “On the other, we have Mike Pompeo dismissing as ‘ridiculous’ a question about the transition, saying: ‘There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration.’”

Kurtz also equated former MSNBC host Toure with Georgia’s current Republican senators, who are calling for the resignation of their secretary of state.

“On the other, Georgia’s two Republican senators (who are facing runoffs) are calling for the resignation of its secretary of state, also a Republican, for saying any fraud did not rise to the level of overturning Biden’s narrow win there,” Kurtz wrote, later faulting Toure for “taunting Trump voters” by hoping “the pain and anxiety [they] feel now is excruciating.”

Noticing how bizarre and lopsided Kurtz’s comparisons were, journalists and pundits took to Twitter to mock the Fox News host:

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