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Fox News’ Howard Kurtz: Jeff Flake ‘Undermined His Argument’ Against Trump With Stalin Comparison

Jesse Watters Holds Own ‘Fake News Awards’ Featuring NBC, Carl Bernstein, Mika

Scaramucci Applauds Firing of Lizza: ‘Won’t Be Able’ To Do To Others ‘What He Did To Me’

Fox News’ MediaBuzz Briefly Addresses That Jesse Watters ‘Coup’ Hype

Trump Supporters Must Accept That The President Has His Own Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Fox News’ Kurtz on Media ‘Resurrecting’ Trump Allegations: We Had an Election and ‘He Won’

Fox News’ Howard Kurtz: Jake Tapper ‘Has a Point’ in Calling Out Fox News

Fox News’ Howard Kurtz On O’Reilly Settlement Report: ’Significant Setback for Fox’

Fox News’ MediaBuzz Briefly References the Network’s Own Scandals During Weinstein Coverage

Howard Kurtz Slams NBC for Rejecting Weinstein Bombshell: ‘Major Embarrassment’ for Them

Fox News’ Kurtz Gets Online Blowback for Tweet Questioning Dems ‘Plunging In’ on Gun Control Today

Fox News’ MediaBuzz Covers Former FNCer Megyn Kelly’s ‘Awkward’ Week on NBC

Fox’s Howard Kurtz Defends Spicer from ‘Media Mob’: Do They Want Him to ‘Wear a Scarlet Letter’?

Fox News’ Howard Kurtz on Clay Travis’ Boob Comments: ‘Sorry, He Sounded Like a Boob’

Fox’s Howard Kurtz: Over-the-Top Media Reactions to Trump’s Rally ‘Play Into the President’s Hands’

Fox News’ Howard Kurtz Refutes Trump’s Claim the Media ‘Ignored’ His Words on Charlottesville

Fox News’ Howard Kurtz Addresses Bolling Suspension: ‘None of the Women…Have Come Forward’

Kellyanne Conway: Media Won’t Report on Sexist Attacks Against Me ‘Because I’m a Conservative’

Anthony Scaramucci on Retracted CNN Report: ‘Definitely Frustrating’ But They ‘Moved Pretty Quickly’

Fox News’ Kurtz Knocks ‘One-Sided Coverage’ of Trump-Morning Joe Feud: Attacks on Trump are ‘Ignored’

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