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Fox News’ Howard Kurtz Slams NY Daily News ‘Daddy’s Little Ghoul’ Cover as ‘Utterly Pathetic’

Howard Kurtz: If Obama Went After Fox News’ Press Credentials, People Cheering on Trump Would Be Outraged

Howard Kurtz Slams Media Over Cohen Coverage: ‘Shocked to Discover That There’s Gambling in Casablanca’

Howard Kurtz Knocks Media’s ‘Sad Spin’ of the Arrival of US Prisoners: ‘This is Why People Hate The Press’

Howard Kurtz Hits NY Times For Article Depicting Pompeo as AWOL While He Saved Prisoners in NoKo: They Look ‘Foolish’

Reince Priebus Won’t Go to Bat For Trump on Stormy Daniels Payout: ‘I’m Not Sure What the Truth is’

Howard Kurtz: Trump Considering Replacing John Kelly With Corey Lewandowski

Fox News’ Ed Henry: May Have Been ‘Misstep’ for Trump to Talk About Michael Cohen on Fox & Friends

Fox News’ Shannon Bream: I’ve Heard Of Other Allegations Against Tom Brokaw

Howard Kurtz Hits CNN’s Dana Bash For ‘Cringe-Inducing’ Conway Interview: ‘Out of Bounds’

Howard Kurtz Defends Kellyanne Conway Over CNN Clash: Why Are Her Husband’s Tweets Her Problem?

Fox News’ Howard Kurtz Rips ‘Intense Media Reaction’ to Hannity: People Just Wildly Speculating

Fox News’ Howard Kurtz Criticizes Hannity for Not Disclosing Michael Cohen Connection

Associated Press Issues Correction After Howard Kurtz Calls Out ‘Dishonest Piece’

CNN’s Stelter Defends Fox News Rival Howard Kurtz Over ‘Incomplete’ AP Report

Howard Kurtz Torches the Associated Press For ‘Dishonest Piece’ on Fox News Graphic

Fox News’ Kurtz Breaks Down Poll Showing Cable News Networks More Trustworthy Than Trump

Fox News’ Howard Kurtz: Sinclair Exec Lashing Out at Competitors Hurts Their Cause

Howard Kurtz Hits Jim Acosta for Shouting at Trump: I Have ‘Problems’ With How He ‘Does His Job’

Fox News’ Howard Kurtz Addresses Ralph Peters Ripping Fox: He ‘Gets a Bit Carried Away’

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