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Ben Shapiro and Former Clinton Staffer Adrienne Elrod Agree On This Point About Media Coverage of Omarosa

Fox News Contributor Says Giuliani, Sekulow Guest-Hosting for Hannity Is a ‘New Level of Coziness’

Mollie Hemingway on Trump’s Media Attacks: ‘Clownish’ Media Gives Him ‘Ammunition He Needs’

Fox News’ Howard Kurtz: It Seems That Anti-Trump Journalists Are ‘Almost Rooting For a Bad Economy’

Howard Kurtz Reacts to Fox Host’s Claim Media is ‘Doing Putin’s Job’: ‘Interesting Way to Put It…’

Howard Kurtz: The Reason Reporters Yell Questions at Trump Is Simply He ‘Often Answers Them’

Howard Kurtz Dismisses CNN Panel Saying Trump’s Iran Tweet is Distraction: ‘This Was Very Carefully Considered’

Howard Kurtz: There Were ‘Tensions’ Between Fox News and Kimberly Guilfoyle in Negotiating Her Exit

Howard Kurtz Bashes ‘Over the Top’ Trump Critics Condemning POTUS Summit With Putin

Fox News’ Howard Kurtz on Trump-CNN Flap: Jim Acosta Was ‘Trying to Hijack the Question’

Fox News’ Howard Kurtz: Sacha Baron Cohen’s Palin Interview ‘Appalling,’ He Crossed a Line

Fox News Host Howard Kurtz Takes Own Network to Task For ‘Barely’ Covering Pruitt Resignation

Fox Panel Accuses Reporters of Sabotaging Pruitt’s Career: ‘Instigated By a Desire to Take Him Down’

Fox News’ Howard Kurtz Suggests Never Trumpers Use ‘Overheated Rhetoric’ to Land ‘MSNBC Contracts’

Howard Kurtz Briefly Addresses News of Ex-Fox News Exec Joining Trump WH: He Knows the TV Business

Howard Kurtz Slams ‘Vitriol from Anti-Trump Commentators’ Cheering Red Hen for Booting Sarah Sanders

Howard Kurtz: It’s ‘Reprehensible’ For Media To Blame Trump For Annapolis Shooting, ‘Blood Libel’

Fox’s Kurtz Slams HuffPost’s ‘Appalling’ Coat Hanger Banner, ‘Apocalyptic’ Media Freakout Over SCOTUS

Howard Kurtz Hits Back at Fox Talent Denouncing Fox News: ‘What Are These Guys Giving Up?’

Kurtz Challenges Rob Reiner for Calling Fox ‘State-Run’: Presume You Know Fox Has Thriving News Division

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