Rep. Massie Says George Floyd Protesters Reflect ‘Educational System’: I Don’t See One ‘Articulate’ Person Among Them


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Rep. Thomas Massie said that George Floyd protests reflected the U.S. “educational system” questioning if there is “an articulate person among the group.”

NPR White House reporter Ayesha Rascoe shared a portion of the interview, conducted on WVHU radio, via Twitter:

“What we do need nationally is to relook at our educational system,” Massie said. “I mean, a lot of these protesters, and again I’m falling victim right now to calling them protesters. A lot of them are just violent looters and lawless criminals at this point.”

The congressman then questioned how the protesters were raised and wondered what they were taught by parents and by the educational system. He also called for more leaders and protesters to act the way Martin Luther King Jr. did while speaking out against racial inequality in the 1960s.

“Is there an articulate person among the group who are upset with the way things are going that could step up to a microphone and speak for all the people? I’m not seeing that person,” he added.

Massie ignored that there have been several peaceful and nonviolent protests throughout the United States, and that looting has dropped this week since several cities have issued curfews.

Listen above via WVHU.

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