David Beckham Does Push Ups in His Underwear for a Good Cause


The 22 push-up challenge is an initiative meant to raise awareness for veteran suicide prevention. Like the Ice Bucket Challenge, participants are invited to take a video of themselves doing 22 push-ups, and then challenge others to do the same. The goal is to reach 22 million push-ups. Also like the Ice Bucket Challenge, it’s taken on a life of its own, particularly among famous British men.

Guy Ritchie has challenged David Beckham to do 22 push-ups in 22 days and Beckham has accepted. He’s only on day three, but he has already achieved great levels of creativity. On day one, he completed the challenge while on an airplane at 33,000 feet.

On day two, he did his push-ups atop a piano…that was being played by his friend David Gardner.

Mr Richie’s challenge to myself day 2. @guyritchie

A video posted by David Beckham (@davidbeckham) on

On day three, Beckham did the push-ups with decidedly less fanfare. The point is, he’s still doing them.

The number 22 is significant because that’s how many veteran suicides there are every day. Beckham doing anything in his underwear is a sure way to raise awareness for pretty much anything. This cause is a good one.

[featured image via Instagram/@DavidBeckham]

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