Shannon Sharpe Likes Tweets Hinting at Bad Blood with Skip Bayless Following Report of Contract Buyout With FS1

Shannon Sharpe

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Former NFL player Shannon Sharpe has yet to publicly address his reported departure from Fox Sports 1, but he’s begun to hint at the reason for it with his Twitter likes.

The New York Post reported Wednesday evening that Sharpe and company had agreed to a buyout, with Sharpe’s final appearance on the show coming after the 2023 NBA Finals. In addition to leaving FS1’s Undisputed, Sharpe will be taking his Club Shay Shay podcast with him.

On Thursday’s episode of Undisputed, neither Sharpe nor Skip Bayless mentioned the news that broke the prior evening and went about the show as normal. Sharpe’s Twitter likes, however, seemed to confirm speculation that there was a growing rift between the two analysts.

“Their relationship got progressively worse over the last 2 maybe 3 years,” said a Tweet that Sharpe liked, “because skip fought for him to be on that show but I feel like skip couldn’t stand Shannon succeeding without and that’s when skip was taking pot shots on air.”

One of those “pot shots” came when Bayless suggested Sharpe’s criticism of quarterback Tom Brady was rooted in jealousy. Sharpe erupted at the notion and it’s now viewed as one of the most personal arguments the two have had on air.

The two got into another heated argument weeks later when Buffalo Bills safety Demar Hamlin collapsed on the field and nearly died. Bayless posted a tweet viewed as insensitive, and Sharpe did not show up for work the next morning because of it. They got into it when Sharpe was present a day later.

Sharpe also liked a tweet criticizing FS1 for keeping Bayless while letting him and former host Jenny Taft go.

“@FS1 keeping @RealSkipBayless and losing @JennyTaft @ShannonSharpe is like a music promoter keeping Weird Al Yankovic but getting rid of Lady Gaga and James Brown,” the tweet said.

Bayless also managed to get into it with Taft on the air when she took exception to him criticizing Dallas Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy’s physique.

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