Trump Says NY Times Might Have Fabricated Anonymous Op-ed: ‘Totally Corrupt’

Trump Calls on Jeff Sessions to Investigate Anonymous Op-Ed Author

WATCH: Trump Can’t Say ‘Anonymous’

Speculation: Who is the Anonymous White House Official Behind the ‘Resistance’ Op-Ed?

Did Anonymous Hack Neo-Nazi Website Daily Stormer? — Here’s What We Know

One Hacker’s Crusade to Attack ISIS by Drowning Them in Porn

Anonymous Targets ‘Monolithic and Evil’ Ku Klux Klan With Cyber Attack

Anonymous Claims Credit for Doxing Personal Trump Info That’s Been Online For a While

Anonymous Declares War on Trump and Calls On ‘Every Able Person With a Computer’ For Help

Anonymous Launches Campaign Against Michigan Governor for Poison Water Crisis

Anonymous Hackers Reportedly Declare War on Trump Over Muslim Ban Proposal

Anonymous Declares Dec. 11 ‘ISIS Trolling Day,’ Invites Web Users to Target #Daeshbags

Anonymous Replaces ISIS Website With Viagra Ad: ‘Enhance Your Calm’

Anonymous Wants Your Help Rickrolling ISIS on Social Media

ISIS Blasts Anonymous ‘Idiots’ After Hackers Declare ‘Total War’ on Militant Group

Anonymous Vows ‘Biggest Operation Ever’ Against ISIS for Attack on France

Anonymous Follows Through on Threat, Posts Info for Hundreds of Alleged KKK Members

If You Really Think Four Republican Senators Are in the KKK, You’re a Fool

Anonymous Threatens to Take the Hoods Off of 1,000 KKK Members

Twitter Activists Misidentify Cop from Pepper Spray Video, Harass Innocent Man

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