Fox News Pushed Debunked ‘Antifa Apocalypse’ Conspiracy Theory Multiple Times

VIDEO: Man With Nazi Armband Takes Knockout Punch to the Face in Seattle

TheBlaze’s Lawrence Jones: Liberals Are Busing in ‘Leftist Agitators’ to Create ‘Chaos’ at Protests

The Far Left Has a Big Problem When They Go Nuts Over Someone Like Ben Shapiro 

Twitter Celebrates Ben Shapiro’s Undisrupted Speech at UC Berkeley: ‘Discourse Lives’

Tucker Carlson Schools Overmatched Antifa Activist: ‘Are You Really a Professor?’

Sheriff Clarke: Protestors at Ben Shapiro’s Berkeley Speech ‘Need Their Ass Kicked’

Trevor Noah Receives Backlash From The Left Because He Dared to Criticize Antifa

Trevor Noah Slams ‘Vegan ISIS’ Antifa: When You Think You’re Punching Nazis, You’re Punching Your Cause

Tucker Carlson Accuses CNN’s W. Kamau Bell of ‘Peddling Hate’ in Rally Speech

Bret Baier Calls Out Dems For Not Condemning Antifa: ‘Sounds a Lot Like “Both Sides” To Me’

Under Pressure, Pelosi Finally Condemns Antifa…What Took Her So Long?

Nancy Pelosi Releases a Statement Condemning Antifa Violence in Berkeley

Why Won’t Media Demand Dems Condemn Antifa?

Police Disperse Protesters With Smoke After Things Escalate Outside Trump Rally

Alan Dershowitz: Liberals in Statue Debate ‘Doing What Stalin Did’

Maria Bartiromo Hedges on Nazi Violence: ‘Antifa Was Also Charging’

From ‘Many’ to ‘Both Sides,’ Trump Fails to Stand on the One Side the Country Cares About

12 Harrowing Images From Charlottesville’s Mayhem and Violence

Alt-Right Protesters Tell Mediaite Why They Marched: ‘A Step Toward GOP Becoming Party for Whites’

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