Fox & Friends’ Brian Kilmeade: Mob Was ‘Getting Paid’ to Threaten Tucker Carlson’s House

Ben Stein Calls Mitch McConnell Confrontation ‘Disgusting’: It’s Like Brown Shirts in Early Nazi Days

Fox & Friends Guest: The Democratic Party is a ‘Full-Blown Socialist Party’ That ‘Endorses Antifa’

Violent, Bloody Brawl Between Antifa and Patriot Prayer at So-Called ‘Law and Order’ March in Portland Caught On Video

Videos Show Far-Right Group Beating Protestors, Waving Sword in New York City

Chris Cuomo: Antifa’s Attacks on Police, Journalists Are ‘Not Equal’ To Attacks Carried Out By Bigots

Mark Steyn Compares Antifa to Charlie Hebdo Shooters: ‘Someone is Gonna Get Killed’ Because of Them

WATCH: Lou Dobbs Refers to Unite the Right 2 Rallygoers as ‘So-Called White Supremacists’ While Blasting Antifa

Candace Owens Claims on Fox That Antifa Refuses to Shower as Political Statement: ‘They Smell’

Trump Dismisses Notion That Conservative Free Speech Is Under Attack at Colleges: ‘Highly Overblown’

Keith Ellison Criticized For Selfie With Antifa Handbook: ‘Does The DNC Now Support Terrorist Groups?’

Fox News Pushed Debunked ‘Antifa Apocalypse’ Conspiracy Theory Multiple Times

VIDEO: Man With Nazi Armband Takes Knockout Punch to the Face in Seattle

TheBlaze’s Lawrence Jones: Liberals Are Busing in ‘Leftist Agitators’ to Create ‘Chaos’ at Protests

The Far Left Has a Big Problem When They Go Nuts Over Someone Like Ben Shapiro 

Twitter Celebrates Ben Shapiro’s Undisrupted Speech at UC Berkeley: ‘Discourse Lives’

Tucker Carlson Schools Overmatched Antifa Activist: ‘Are You Really a Professor?’

Sheriff Clarke: Protestors at Ben Shapiro’s Berkeley Speech ‘Need Their Ass Kicked’

Trevor Noah Receives Backlash From The Left Because He Dared to Criticize Antifa

Trevor Noah Slams ‘Vegan ISIS’ Antifa: When You Think You’re Punching Nazis, You’re Punching Your Cause

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