bob filner

The 15 Awesomest Things on the Internet for the Week

Guess What Sex Act the GOP Candidate to Replace Bob Filner is Accused Of…

Report: San Diego Mayor Bob Filner Will Resign

It Gets Worse: Great-Grandmother Steps Forward to Accuse Mayor Filner of Harassment

Even Hooters Has Standards When It Comes to Serving Mayor Bob Filner

Mayor Bob Filner Accuses San Diego Of Failing To Provide Sexual Harassment Training: ‘City Will Be Liable’

‘Eww-O-Meter’: John Oliver Delivers Epic Takedown Of ‘Gross,’ ‘Revolting’ ‘Pervert’ Mayor Bob Filner

Dispatches From The ‘War On Women’: New Abortion Laws Preferred Over Sexual Abuse, Being Called ‘C**t’

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner Apologizes For Sexual Misconduct, Will Enter ‘Behavioral Counseling’

Why Weiner, Spitzer And Filner Do Not Represent A Democratic ‘War On Women’

LOL Local Politics: City Mayor And Attorney Get Into Painfully Awkward Spat During Press Conference

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