Boris Johnson

In Honor of Boris Johnson’s Resignation, Watch Him Decimate a Child in a Touch Rugby Match

UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson Urges Trump to Keep ‘Flawed’ Iran Deal on Fox and Friends

Embarrassing: UK Conservative Slams Speech He Later Learns Was Made By Member of His Own Party

UK MPs Mock Donald Trump, Suggest He Name Hillary Clinton for U.S. Ambassador

Boris Johnson Got Grilled About His Attacks on Obama, Clinton While Standing Next to Kerry

Email Gaffe Involving British Pols Proves Why You Should Always Double Check Before Hitting Send

Pro-Brexit Ex-London Mayor Boris Johnson Has a Video on Pornhub…

John Oliver Warns the US After Botched Brexit Vote: ‘There Are No Fu*king Do-Overs!’

UK Banker Gives Hilariously Blunt Response to Brexit: ‘F***ing Disaster’

Mayor of London Boris Johnson Describes Obama as ‘Part-Kenyan President’

London Mayor Levels 10-Year-Old Japanese Kid During Rugby Game

London Mayor: Jindal’s ‘No-Go Zones’ Claims ‘Complete Nonsense’

NY Politician Joins Village Voice’s Rogues Gallery of 9/11 Truthers, Hugo Chavez, and Occupy

Russell Brand Brutally Mocks Award Show for Making Light of Syria: GQ Now Stands for ‘Genocide Quips’

Hanging Out: London Mayor Boris Johnson Gets Stuck On A Zip-Line

Fox News Sunday Panel Criticizes Romney’s Comments On London Olympics

London Mayor Boris Johnson Slams Romney’s Comments Before Cheering Olympic Crowd

Bollocks! Mayor Of London Is Fining President Obama For Not Paying A Congestion Charge

London Mayor Fears American Backlash, Warns Obama Against ‘Anti-British Rhetoric’

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