breaking bad

Samantha Bee Uses Breaking Bad to Explain How the GOP Embraced Trump and Racism

Brooklyn is Getting a Breaking Bad-Inspired Coffee Shop

Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston Explains His Viral ‘Yo Momma Joke’

Taco Bell Employee Fired for Allegedly Cooking Meth in Store

Breaking Bad Actor Running for Albuquerque County Commission

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Toys R Us Pulls Breaking Bad Toys After Complaints

Should Toys R Us Be Selling Breaking Bad Toys?

‘Satirical’ News Site Strikes Again with Fake Breaking Bad Story

Breaking Bad Spin-Off Better Call Saul Gets First Teaser, Release Date

WATCH: Bryan Cranston Helps Breaking Bad Fan Get a Prom Date

M*A*S*H, Cheers, and Seinfeld Would Never Survive Today’s PC-Obsessed Media

Did a Breaking Bad ‘Nazi’ Really Heil Hitler at the SAG Awards?

It Was All a Dream in This Leaked Breaking Bad Alternate Ending

RT! Nielsen Teams with Twitter to Create (Long Overdue) TV Ratings Tool

TV Anchor Sends Out Breaking Bad-Themed Tweet About Real Life Shooting

Colbert Celebrates Gov’t Shutdown by Watching the Finale of ‘Breaking Gov’

If Walter White Had Obamacare

WATCH: Thomas Keller, 21 Club Name-Dropped in Breaking Bad Finale

Tonight in Food TV: Anthony Bourdain Takes On Frito Pie on Parts Unknown

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