Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston Explains His Viral ‘Yo Momma Joke’


Back in July, Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston was one of the guests of honor at Nerd HQ’s “A Conversation with SuperMansion” panel. The stars of the new Crackle show were there to talk shop, but all anyone talked about after was Cranston’s instantaneously-viral mic drop of a yo momma joke.

An audience member from Albuquerque, New Mexico, where Breaking Bad was filmed, had asked Cranston if there were any places in the city that he liked. His answer? “Yeah,” he joked, “I’d go and visit your mother every once in awhile.”

Everyone loved it, even the kid who asked the question. So when Cranston sat down with the Nerdist podcast recently, he and host Chris Hardwick discussed the improvised bit:

“This guy, this young kid, raises his hand and Zach points to him and he says, ‘Um…I’m from Albuquerque and I just think it’s cool that you shot there…’ and I knew that because he is the only person in this room, and probably watching that podcast, that was interested in my answer. If I said, ‘Sheldon’s Pub was a great place that I frequented often to get pints of beer’…you know, it’s like ‘Who cares?’ I knew I was going to give him a quick answer…and I don’t know what triggered it, but he just said, ‘Is there any place you liked?’ and it just came out. The place explodes, and he explodes with laughter.”

If you haven’t seen the clip in question, then you should check it out below, courtesy of Nerd HQ:

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