Cable News

Fox News Rings in 17 Years as Number One Cable News Network

New Analysis Looks at How Much Free Media Michael Avenatti Has Gotten — And It’s Huge

S.E. Cupp Absolutely Shreds Cable News Anchors For ‘Activist’ Gun Coverage After Florida Shooting

Fox News Most-Watched Basic Cable Network This Year; MSNBC Second Highest in Primetime

Ongoing Trump Turmoil Leads to Continued Ratings Success For CNN

Hannity in New Time Slot Debut: ‘Tonight Begins a New Chapter in the Cable News Wars’

CNN Media Reporter Disses ‘Left Leaning,’ ‘Cellar Dwelling’ MSNBC Ratings Wins

Don Lemon Validated Crowd’s ‘CNN Sucks’ Chant

Brian Stelter on Trump’s ‘Little Time’ for TV Claim: ‘Does He Think We’re Idiots?’

Kushner Reportedly Wanted Aides to Call Cable News to Complain About Chyrons on Don Jr.

Trump is Reportedly Raving About Seb Gorka’s Combative Cable News Appearances: ‘Really, Truly Great’

Shep Smith: It’s Good for Us That Trump Watches Fox, ‘But Come On’

Twitter Gets Snarky After Trump Tweets He Has ‘Very Little Time for Watching TV’

Chaffetz on Whether Cable News Is in His Future: It’s a ‘Definite Maybe’

‘He Was My Champion’: Watch Shepard Smith’s Emotional Eulogy For ‘Complicated’ Roger Ailes

‘I Don’t See Any Adults’: Tucker Carlson Blasts Media ‘Hyperventilating’ on Comey Firing

Trump Reportedly Screams at TV When Russia News Comes On

‘Bizarre to the Point of Alarming’: New Report Details Trump’s Cable News Addiction

Smartphone-Savy Millennials Increasingly Getting News…From Fox?

Anderson Cooper Suggests Trump Watches Too Much Cable News: He Watches Me ‘More Than My Mom’

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