Fox & Friends Lauds Trump Walking Out of Congressional Meeting While Warning of ‘New Caravan’

Fox & Friends: ‘Border is in Chaos…Caravans Are Just Ganging Up at the Border’

Trump Falsely Claims Democrats Want ‘Open Borders’ Bringing ‘Crime and Disease’ in Morning Tweetstorm

Fox & Friends Bemoans Caravan Baby Just Born on US Soil: ‘Child is Now an American Citizen’

Fox & Friends Blasts Network Caravan Coverage…Seconds Before Reporting Military Border Mission Complete

Fox & Friends Defends Trump’s Caravan Invasion Rhetoric: ‘He Hasn’t Forgotten About It’

Fox & Friends Pushes Back on ‘Caravan’ Criticism: ‘Propaganda? Tell That to the People in Tijuana!’

LGBT Migrant Group First Part of Caravan to Arrive at US-Mexico Border

Joe Scarborough: ‘Stupid Caravan Conspiracy Theory’ Was ‘Devastating’ to GOP Midterms

Fox & Friends: The First Part of the Caravan Has Arrived At California Border!

Sam Stein: Fox News Served as Trump’s Campaign Arm; Caravan Coverage Was ‘Propaganda’

Morning Joe Ridicules Fox News Ending Caravan Coverage: ‘But Smallpox Is Coming to America!?’

Trump: ‘Barbed Wire Used Properly Can Be a Beautiful Sight’

White House Spox Warns Fox & Friends of ‘Daily Caravan’ Invading United States

Trump Ramps Up Fear-Mongering: Caravans Made up of ‘Very Bad Thugs and Gang Members’

Morning Joe Praises Fox News’ Shep Smith for Telling the Truth on Caravan Fear-Mongering

Maher Blasts The Media For ‘Stupid’ Caravan Coverage: ‘You’re Doing Trump’s Bidding!’

Joe Scarborough: Fox News Using ‘Non-White People to Scare White People’ Into Voting Republican

Morning Joe Mocks Mike Pence Lying about Migrant ‘Caravan’ and ‘Making a Fool of Himself’

Fox & Friends Stays on Message: ‘It’s All About the Caravan’

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