Ted Cruz Stands With Elizabeth Warren on Challenging Facebook: ‘A Serious Threat to Our Democracy’

Don Jr. Goes Nuclear, Accuses Social Media Networks of Censorship: ‘END…THIS OPPRESSIVE NONSENSE’

Trump Rally Crowd Offers Some Polite Clapping for Trump’s Appeal Against Censoring the Press

Facebook Apologizes for Removing Conservative Site’s Posts

Trump Rails on Twitter Against Conservative Social Media Censorship: ‘Too Many Voices Are Being Destroyed’

Donald Trump Jr. Blames ‘Crazy Drop-Off’ of Instagram Followers on ‘Shadowban Nonsense’

NJ College Professor Under Investigation After Yelling ‘F*ck Your Life’ at Conservative Student

Facebook Reportedly Flags And Censors Hate Speech By Varying Racial Standards

Berkeley Cancels Planned Ann Coulter Event; She Still Plans To Speak

New Poll Shows Majority Want Government to Prevent Fake News. That’s a Terrible Idea.

James Woods Quits Twitter in Protest of Alt-Right Censorship

Facebook Draws Outrage After Censoring Iconic ‘Napalm Girl’ Vietnam War Picture (UPDATED)

HLN Addresses Censorship of Trump Supporter’s Shirt During Interview Reruns

HLN Blurs Out Baby-Saving Hero Ex-Cop’s ‘Trump 2016’ Shirt

University Bans Conservative Pundit Ben Shapiro From Speaking on Campus

In 2012, Milo Yiannopoulos Argued for ‘Bolder’ Censure and the Banning of Trolls From the Internet

US Embassy in China Launches Friendly Online Q&A Session, Gets Summarily Shut Down

Undercovered: Egyptian Activists Use Social Media to Demand Release of Imprisoned Satirists

Middle School Teacher Fired for Saying ‘Vagina’ During History Lesson on Erotic Art

Posters for Conservative Speaker Engagement Vandalized at American University

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