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‘Shep, It Appears To Be a Very Large Chicken’: Fox News Report on White House Protest Gets Wacky

Terry McAuliffe Had a Pet Chicken Named ‘Hillary’ Who Died Just Before the Election

David Chang Opens Fuku, Attempts to Corner the Spicy Chicken Sandwich Market

Chicken Lobbyists Launch PR Offensive Against John Oliver

Behold the Cockentrice: The Frankenstein’s Monster of Thanksgiving Foods

New Breed of Celebrity Chef Chickens Eat Nothing but Celebrity Chef Food

Julia Child Actually Wrong about Washing Raw Chicken; Everything You Believed Is a Lie

How Expensive Can A Single, Raw Chicken Possibly Be? See Jay Rayner’s Crowdsourced Stats

Jon Stewart Mocks Mayors Trying To Ban Chick-fil-A And The ‘Million Mouth March’

Liberal And Conservative Fox News Guests Agree: Cities Shouldn’t Ban Chick-fil-A For Marriage Views

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