Christina Tosi

You Can Get David Chang’s Brisket Kimchi Sandwich Delivered To Your Desk

Closing of Momofuku Milk Bar SoHo Brings End to 6-Year Band of Outsiders Collaboration

Christina Tosi Has a New Cookbook, Milk Bar Life

Masterchef Contestants Are Given Cooking Lessons, and 20 Other Secrets About The Franchise

YESSSS: Why Christina Tosi Is the Perfect Judge For MasterChef (Sorry, Joe Bastianich)

Where Have All the Female Chef Mentors Gone?

What Was the Worst Soft Serve Mistake Christina Tosi Ever Made?

Again with the ‘How Do You Stay So Skinny, Christina Tosi?’ Articles

Fortune, Food & Wine Name ’25 Most Innovative Women in Food,’ Gives Us Conflicted Feelings

Christina Tosi Reigns Over All of Lady Chefs, and We Approve

And All of D.C. Wept Miso Tears of Joy: David Chang Brings Momofuku, Milk Bar to Washington, D.C.

Christina Tosi Pairs Up With Estée Lauder for Rose Petal-Perfumed Cookie Collaboration

Women in Food Unite! 11 Truths from Cherry Bombe’s Jubilee

Tonight in Food TV: Christina Tosi Judges The Taste in a Dessert Challenge

GASP: Male Chefs and Lady Chefs Are Asked Totally Different Health Questions

We Asked Allison Robicelli Elle Mag’s Christina Tosi Questions; These Are Her Answers

Elle Asks Christina Tosi a Million Questions About Her Thin Body, Two About Her Food

Breakfast Links: Did You Know that Anthony Bourdain Has a Lot to Say? Shocking!

Last Call: We Want Christina Tosi to Be Our Shopping Buddy, Pretty Please

Last Call: Subway Teams Up With Hunger Games for a New Promotion, Which, Uh…

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