Clarence Thomas

EXCLUSIVE: Clarence Thomas’ Wife Hired Ex-TPUSA Staffer Known For Saying ‘I Hate Blacks’

Justice Clarence Thomas Grants Rare Interview to Laura Ingraham: My Philosophy is ‘Get It Right’

Republicans Introduce Resolution Criticizing ‘Omission’ of Clarence Thomas from Smithsonian

Twitter Users Flay Clarence Thomas For Casting Only Vote Against Black Death Row Inmate

In Its Efforts to Rewrite Political History, Here’s Other Scandals HBO Should Make Movies About

Guest On Maher Gets Booed Talking About Anita Hill: ‘I Still Think She’s Lying’

What Song Did Scalia Sing on the Night of the SCOTUS Same-Sex Marriage Ruling?

Hillary Received Email from Sidney Blumenthal About Impeaching Clarence Thomas

The NY Times’ Dishonest (And Racially-Tinged) Attack on Clarence Thomas

George Takei Apologizes for ‘Ad Hominem and Uncivil’ Blackface Comment

William Shatner Defends Star Trek Co-Star: George Takei’s ‘Not a Racist’

George Takei Doubles Down: Blackface Is Just ‘Theater Lingo,’ ‘Not Racist’

George Takei: Clarence Thomas a ‘Clown in Blackface’

Clarence Thomas Invokes Slavery In Gay Marriage Dissent: Gov’t Cannot Bestow Dignity

HBO’s Clarence Thomas Confirmation Movie Casts Its Young Joe Biden

Kerry Washington to Play Anita Hill in HBO Movie Confirmation

Melissa Harris-Perry: Abramson Confirmed Firing Was ‘Personal,’ ‘Gender Biased’

Taxpayer-Funded ‘White Privilege’ Conference Is Jam-Packed with Crazy

Dem Rep. Stands by Calling Clarence Thomas ‘Uncle Tom’: ‘It’s the Truth’

Fox & Friends Lectures Dems: Sterling Shows Why You Shouldn’t ‘Cry Wolf’ About Racism

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