David Gergen

CNN Hails Trump’s 9/11 Memorial Speech: ‘Beautifully Written…Easily One of His Best’

CNN’s David Gergen Blasts Trump for Border Move: ‘Sees the Military as a Play Toy’

Don Lemon Rips Trump Over Race: ‘So Obvious It Isn’t Even a Dog Whistle Anymore’

‘I Find It a Bit Demented’: CNN Panel Rips Trump Over Arpaio Pardon, Ratings Comment

CNN’s Gergen: Trump ‘Needs to Deal With the Hatred in His Own Heart’

Gergen Rips Trump’s Charlottesville Comment: Dog Whistles are Subtle, ‘This is Not Subtle at All’

CNN’s David Gergen: ‘This May Go Down in History as One of the Most Incompetent Cover-Ups’

David Gergen: First Time I’ve Seen US President Come to G20 and ‘No Longer Be Regarded as the Leader’

CNN’s David Gergen: After Putin Meeting, Trump ‘Seemed Presidential Today’

CNN’s Gergen on Trump’s Re-Election Fundraiser: He Should Focus on Being a ‘Good President’ First

CNN’s David Gergen: ‘I Think We’re in Impeachment Territory’

CNN’s Gergen on Flynn News: ‘The Clouds Are Darkening Over the White House Tonight’

‘It Was Delusional’: CNN’s David Gergen Rips Trump’s Health Care Bill Reaction

Cooper Sasses Jeffrey Lord in Feisty Panel: ‘You’re Smarter Than That … Come on Jeffrey’

David Gergen: If Trump Doesn’t Like the ‘Fake News,’ Why Does He Keep Watching?

CNN’s David Gergen: One Reason Democrat Boycott Grew Quickly is Lack of Diversity in Trump’s Cabinet

‘He’s the Strong Man I Can Admire’: David Gergen Explains How Trump Views Putin

David Gergen Criticizes Team Trump’s ‘Namby-Pamby’ Statement on White Nationalist Conference

‘Over the Line’: CNN Panel Pans Trump Hard for Al Smith Dinner Speech

CNN’s Gergen: Hewitt’s Foreign Policy Questions to Trump Were ‘Gotcha’

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