CNN’s David Gergen Rips Trump for Inserting Himself Into 4th of July: ‘Wildly Inappropriate’

CNN’s David Gergen ripped President Donald Trump for his reported plans to insert himself into the 4th of July and make the annual celebration of the nation into a more Trumpian event.

Asked by Alex Marquardt on Sunday about his thoughts about Trump’s plans, Gergen said that he thinks the whole thing deserves more attention.

Then, he said this: “It’s wildly inappropriate for the president to step in… This is not his 4th of July. It’s our 4th of July, that belongs to all Americans. And to have the president sort of take charge and plan this address is just — it goes against the grain and this is what tinpot dictators dream of doing. The president of the United States needs to show restraint and respect for the nation’s traditions especially on the 4th of July.”

Later, carefully noting that his comment was still unconfirmed,  Gergen suggested that  Trump may have gotten the idea to “play hero” from Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu.

“He’s seeing this as sort of a military parade, he’s sort of seen as the commander in chief and he can play that role in the 4th of July, he can somehow be the nation’s hero. Which he isn’t,” Gergen stressed.

Then speaking of Netanyahu, he added: “But my understanding is — and one of the reports I’ve heard is that he just — this was done recently in Israel by Netanyahu, and he feels like, ‘Wow! This is a good idea here in the United States.’ That’s an unconfirmed report, I just want to put that out there.”

Back in February, Trump tweeted out about the event, which he said would include an address by him.

Then just this week, it was reported that Trump is apparently very involved in plans for the 4th, and was, according to the Washington Post “taking over” the annual event.

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