Eminem Claims in New Album That The Secret Service Investigated Him For Potential Threat to Trump

Eminem: A ‘F*cking Turd Would Have Been Better as a President’ Than Trump

Eminem Slams POTUS Once Again Following Viral Anti-Trump Rap: ‘He Makes My Blood Boil’

FLASHBACK: Trump ‘Endorsed’ Eminem During His 2004 ‘Shady National Convention’

‘Protect Eminem At All Cost’ Twitter Praises Rapper For His Anti-Trump Freestyle Rap

Eminem Debuts Anti-Trump Rap at the BET Hip Hop Awards: ‘WE F**KIN HATE TRUMP!’

Eminem is Suing a New Zealand Political Party Over ‘Lose Yourself’

Eminem Calls Donald Trump a ‘B*tch’ on Big Sean’s New Song ‘No Favors’

WATCH: Artist Paints a Picture of Eminem Using Spaghetti (Mom’s, We Assume)

Eminem Has Made The “Mom’s Spaghetti” Shirt You Never Knew You Needed

Hip Hop-Hating Ben Carson Features Gospel Version of Eminem at Campaign Launch

Jon Stewart Channels Eminem To Give Chanting Advice To Michigan Union Protestors

The Ed Show Debates Whether Nas Should Give ‘Real N*gga’ Gwyneth Paltrow A Pass

Eminem Dissed Mitt Romney’s Prep School In 8 Mile: ‘F**k Cranbrook’

Out Of Touch With Pop Culture? Alan Simpson Knows ‘Enema Man And Snoopy Snoopy Poop Dogg’

The Year In Pop: Mashing Up Billboard’s Top 25 of 2010

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Tries To Learn The Dougie At The Soul Train Awards

Anderson Cooper Gets Rare Access To Eminem For 60 Minutes Profile

Anderson Cooper’s Rhymetime With Eminem Airs Sunday Night On 60 Minutes

Jersey Shore PORN Parody Coming Soon!

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