Hurricane Michael

Watch a Stunned Brooke Baldwin Fly Over Hurricane Ravaged Panhandle: ‘It’s Gone. It’s Obliterated’

Trump Spends 47 Useless Minutes on Fox & Friends Phone Call While Florida Recovers From Devastating Hurricane

Trump Dismisses Critics of Hurricane Political Rally: Only Getting Heat from ‘Haters’

Fox & Friends Defends Trump’s Hurricane Rally: ‘He Did Open With Thoughts and Prayers’

Joe Scarborough Blasts Trump’s ‘Full-on Pep Rally’ While People in Florida Are Dying

Chris Matthews Calls Out Trump For Holding Fundraiser AND Rally During Hurricane: He ‘Barely Waited an Hour’

Trump Begins Rally By Sending Thoughts and Prayers to Everyone in the Path of Hurricane Michael

Trump on Going to Rally Amid Hurricane: ‘I Cannot Disappoint the Thousands of People That Are There’

WATCH: This Storm Chaser’s Periscope Footage of Hurricane Michael is Absolutely Insane

WATCH: Hurricane Michael Makes Landfall in Florida LIVE STREAM

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