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Jonathan Hoenig

Fox’s Bolling Battles Guest Saying Trump Is ‘More Dangerous’ Than Hillary

Fox Panel Blows Up on Immigration: Don’t Point to San Fran Killing and Go ‘Round ‘Em Up!’

Fox Panelist Rips Trump: ‘Negotiate with Mexico? He Can’t Even Negotiate with Macy’s!’

Juan Williams Doubles Down: Geller Provoked to ‘Call Attention to Her Self-Promoting Self’

Fox Panelist Rips Starbucks: ‘There Is No Discussion Needed on Race’

Fox Guest: Mandating Vaccines Could Be Slippery Slope to Forced Abortions, Pills

Fox Panelist Pushes Back on Ebola Panic: ‘Hyperbolic’ to Say ‘It’s Here’

Fox Panelist Apologizes for Comments About Japanese Internment

Fox’s Cashin’ In: ‘The Enemy Is Islamic,’ It’s Time to Start Profiling Muslims

Fox Panelist: If Obama Was President During WWII, We Might Have Lost

Fox’s Bolling Likens Ebola to AIDS Outbreak, Guests Clash over Fearmongering

Bolling Tears Into White House for Dismissing Concerns of Bergdahl Platoon Members

Fox Panel Imagines Hillary Assassination to Make Point About Benghazi; Chaos Ensues

Eric Bolling, Guilfoyle Battle Juan Williams Over How ‘Destructive’ Obama’s Been

Fox’s Bob Beckel: ‘It’s Time to Move On’ From 9/11, Scrap the Patriot Act

Fox News’ Jonathan Hoenig Calls Social Security A Ponzi Scheme, Network Runs Disclaimer

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