Margaret Hoover

CNN’s Margaret Hoover Gets Exasperated With Roy Moore Supporter in Heated Battle

Maher: John Kelly Was Supposed to Rein in Trump, ‘But Now He Acts Like Trump’

‘Doesn’t Feel Like Punishment’: Alisyn Camerota Questions O’Reilly, Ailes Pay Outs

Margaret Hoover: ‘I Had to Navigate a Minefield’ at Fox News

‘Toxic Culture’ of Bullying: New Day Basks in Downfall of Ailes, O’Reilly, and Fox News

CNN’s Margaret Hoover: ‘Never Put Myself in Position to be Alone With Bill O’Reilly’

Concha: CNN’s Untitled Opinion Show Sparks Controversy with Hands-Up Display

Concha: CNN Can Fill Big Void by Signing Charles Barkley

Mediaite’s Joe Concha Stomps Weiner On CNN: Sexting While Wife Is Pregnant ‘Whole New Level Of Perversion’

CNN Showdown Over The Future Of The GOP: ‘Bright And Exciting’ Or A ‘Wildlife Game Preserve For Intolerance?’

CNN Panelist Confronts Charlie Crist About Switching Parties: It’s ‘Sheer Political Calculation’

Bill Maher Blasts GOP On Handling Natural Disasters, Says Dems Have Been Better

Panel Nerds: Unconventional Politics

Jersey Unsure: Idiot-Scolder Chris Christie Doesn’t Know How Press Conferences Work

Rep. Michele Bachmann Bashes ‘Unprecedented,’ ‘Wildly Unpopular’ Obamacare On CNN

Jesse Ventura Tells CNN Morning Crew Why Politicians Should Wear NASCAR Outfits

Roland Martin’s Quick Reply To Rick Scott On Voter Laws: ‘That Was Pure Foolishness’

Hilary Rosen Tells CNN She ‘Hates’ The War On Women: ‘It’s Got Such Terrible Energy’

CNN’s Margaret Hoover Calls Out Anti-Gay Pastor On Claim ‘Sodomy Isn’t A Civil Right’

Petition Founder Tells CNN Democrats Should Move Convention From North Carolina

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