Melissa Click

Former Mizzou Professor Melissa Click Has New Job at Another University

Former Mizzou Professor Fighting University to Receive Unemployment Benefits

Former Mizzou Professor Melissa Click: I Was Fired Because I Was White

Former Mizzou Prof Melissa Click Defends Herself in Washington Post Op-Ed

Mizzou Prof. Appeals Firing, Says She Was a ‘Scapegoat’ to Appease Conservatives

University of Missouri Votes to Fire Professor Who Confronted Student Reporters

New Video Emerges of Mizzou Prof Melissa Click Screaming, Swearing at Cops

Embattled Mizzou Professor Will Do Community Service

Mizzou Professor Melissa Click Charged With Assault for Hassling Reporters

University of Missouri Professor Melissa Click Resigns Her Appointment

Missouri Professor Melissa Click: ‘I Wish to Express My Sincere Apology for My Actions’

‘Don’t Let Him Back In!’: Mizzou Professor Mocks Student Reporter in Longer Video

Missouri Media Professor Among Those Harassing Reporters at Protest

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