Nan Hayworth

Former Congresswoman on Fox News: 2020 Democrats Have to Deal With ‘The Virginia Tar Baby’

MSNBC Commentator Blasts Pro-Trump Guest For Invoking Her Genderqueer Son: ‘You’re a Sham!’

MSNBC’s Ruhle, Nan Hayworth Spar Over Trump Jr.’s Russian Lawyer Meeting: ‘Why Did They Lie?’

Chris Matthews to Ex-GOP Rep: If You Take Trump at His Word on Russia, Did You Also Believe Birtherism?

Ana Navarro and Nan Hayworth Go At It: ‘Since You’re Doing More TV Now, Let Me Give You a Pro Tip’

‘This Is Not a Nothingburger!’ CNN Panel Battles Over New Revelations on Trump Jr. Meeting

GOP Spokesman Resigns After Suggesting We ‘Hurl Some Acid At’ Female Democratic Senators

GOP Congresswoman’s Spokesman: ‘Hurl Some Acid At Those Female Democratic Senators’

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