Ana Navarro and Nan Hayworth Go At It: ‘Since You’re Doing More TV Now, Let Me Give You a Pro Tip’

With Jeffrey Lord now fired from CNN, the network’s primetime shows are likely to be featuring some different pro-Donald Trump voices.

Enter Nan Hayworth, who made an appearance on the Anderson Cooper: 360 panel Thursday night. Hayworth claimed Trump was only joking earlier Thursday when he thanked Vladimir Putin for expelling 755 diplomats from the embassy in Russia.

But CNN veteran Ana Navarro stepped in to give the novice — and potential beneficiary from Lord’s dismissal — a pointer:

“Nan, since you’re doing more TV now, let me give you a pro tip,” Navarro said. “You do not make a joke or a comparison with the Holocaust. You do not quote Nazis. You do not joke about rape. And you do not joke about American diplomats getting kicked out of Russia.”

From there, things got heated.

“What are you talking about?” Hayworth said. “Why are you lecturing me about that? When was the President making a joke about the Holocaust?”

“You are excusing what he said as a joke about getting 755 diplomats expelled,” Navarro said. “You are calling it humorous and thus acceptable. If it was humorous, it was a lame, bad joke. And it is unacceptable.”

Welcome to the NFL, Nan.

Watch above, via CNN.

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