National Security

Trump’s New NatSec Strategy Hits Russia: ‘Interferes in the Domestic Political Affairs’ of Nations

Who Is KT McFarland, Trump’s New Deputy National Security Adviser?

Fox’s Maria Bartiromo to Trump: ‘You Make a Really Good Point’ on GOP Security Experts Letter

Trump Responds to 50 GOP NatSec Experts Denouncing Him: They’re Why ‘The World Is a Mess’

GOP National Security Leaders Pen Letter Calling Trump ‘Utterly Unfitted’ to be President

New Intelligence Report: AI and Smart Cars Could Make Us Vulnerable

In Final Iowa Caucus Speech, Trump Trash Talks Our Allies: ‘We Get Nothing Back.’

ISIS Has a Secret Passport-Making Industry

President Urges Thanksgiving Normalcy: Security Works ‘Every Hour of Every Day’ to Keep You Safe

Abramson: Gov’t Kept Warning Us of ‘Blood on Our Hands’ over Certain Stories

TSA to Demand U.S.-Bound Passengers Turn on All Electronic Devices

Fox’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Is Feminization of America ‘Affecting National Security’?

Obama The Cyberhawk: The President’s Second-Term Agenda For Cybersecurity

Stewart Tears Apart Cheney: Where Does This ‘Shi*ty’ VP ‘Get The Balls’ To Attack Obama?

John McCain To Reporter: ‘That’s One Of The Dumbest Questions I’ve Ever Heard’

Jon Stewart Challenges Obama On Libya Response In Wide-Ranging Daily Show Interview

John McCain: President Obama’s National Security Policy Is ‘An Abysmal Failure’

President Obama Lays Out His Agenda For A Second Term In DNC Speech

Stewart Calls Out Fox News’ Judith Miller For Hypocrisy On National Security Leaks

Mitt Romney Touts Strong U.S.-Israel Relationship In Israel Speech

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