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Paul Kahan

Chicago’s Top Chefs Cure Your Hangover with the City’s Best Breakfasts

Paul Kahan Doesn’t Care About JBAs, Wants Nothing To Do With Our Media Attentions

Last Call: This Alleged Top Chef Sex Scandal Is Most Scandalous

Last Call: Arrested Development’s Bluth Frozen Banana Stand Isn’t Coming To Your City? Here’s Video Of It In Action

WATCH: David Chang And Paul Kahan Bask In Glory Of Their Shared Outstanding Chef Award

David Chang And Paul Kahan TIE For James Beard Outstanding Chef Award

WATCH: Chicago Gourmet 2012 Round-Up, Courtesy Of Bon Appetit’s Adam Rapoport

Last Call: Coffee, Gangnam Style

Michael Symon And Chef Friends To Celebrate 100 Years Of Cleveland’s West Side Market

April Bloomfield Kicks Off A Girl And Her Pig Book Tour

Last Call: Michel Richard Is Opening Up Shop In NYC

Jose Andres And Paul Kahan To Cook For Spouses At G8 And NATO Summits

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