Charles Barkley Lambastes Media’s NFL Protest Coverage: ‘You Guys Have…Done a Terrible Job’

NFL Commish Roger Goodell on Protests: ‘What We’re Trying to Do is Stay Out of Politics’

Trump Goes After NFL Players Again for Not ‘Respecting Our Flag’ in Weekly Address

Nicolle Wallace Slams NFL: They Don’t ‘Have the Fortitude to Stand Up For Their Players’

Trump on Hannity: NFL Should’ve Suspended Kaepernick to Stop Protests During Anthem

Joe Namath Defends NFL Protest to Fox & Friends: ‘Look Up the Word Oppression’

Joy Behar Mocks Mike Pence For Kowtowing to Trump on Protest: ‘He’s Like a Little Prop’

Kellyanne Conway Rips Corker For Blasting Trump on Twitter: ‘Incredibly Irresponsible’

Symone Sanders Claps Back at Ben Ferguson in Heated NFL Debate: ‘If That’s Not a Dog Whistle…’

GOP Rep. Sean Duffy Rips Packers for Linking Arms During Anthem: ‘They Won’t Get Us to Disrespect Our Flag’

WATCH: All Players Stand, Link Arms for National Anthem in Bears vs. Packers Game

Bill Lester Talks Being a Black NASCAR Driver on CNN: ‘I Was Not Really Embraced’

Rush Limbaugh: The NFL Has Now Become a Tool of the Left

Sessions Backs Trump on NFL Protests: ‘The President Has Free Speech Rights Too’

Democratic Rep. Takes a Knee on House Floor ‘In Honor of the 1st Amendment’

Daily Caller Interviews Packers ‘Owner’ Who Bashes Anthem Protests, Ignores Other 360,583 ‘Owners’

Protesters Storm Graham-Cassidy Health Care Hearing: ‘Kill the Bill, Don’t Kill Us’

WATCH: Denver Students Walk Out of Schools in Protest of DACA Decision LIVE STREAM

Twelve Cleveland Browns Players Take Knee For Anthem, Including First White Player

‘SHAME!’ Here Are the Best and Worst Videos from the Free Speech Rally in Boston

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