Trump Blames Race Issues on Dems: ‘The Democrats Have Ruled the Inner Cities For 100 Years’

Paul Ryan: Trump’s ‘Heart’s in the Right Place’ on Issues of Race

South Park Video Game Makes You Select Level of Difficulty… When Choosing Your Character’s Skin Color

A Black Man Posed as a White Supremacist Online to Understand Alt-Right Hate

Affirmative Action is Far from Perfect, But It’s Not Hurting White People

Facebook Reportedly Flags And Censors Hate Speech By Varying Racial Standards

Yale Honors Graduates Who Fomented Student Mob Against Professors

Professor at Evergreen State College Chased Off Campus by Students Protesting His ‘Racism’

Tucker Carlson Clashes With Guest Over Liberals ‘Pushing This Race Stuff’ Against White Men in GOP

‘Epitome of White Supremacy’: Activists Condemn Columbia U.’s Jefferson Statue

Sixth Grade Teacher Fired After Asking Questions From ‘White Privilege’ Book

BLM Protesters Blast Conservative Author’s ‘Bulls**t,’ Plan To ‘Shut Down’ Next Event

Steve King Fires Back at Critics: Some People ‘Have to Look at Everything Through the Race Lens’

‘Thugs Who Are Torturing a Man!’: Megyn Kelly Reacts to Chicago Facebook Live Torture Video

‘That Was a Tough Day’: CNN’s Bakari Sellers Breaks Down Recalling Obama’s Charleston Eulogy

HBO’s Bryant Gumbel Calls Out ‘Race Based Code’ Language in Sports

LeBron James Blasts Phil Jackson For Calling His Business Partners a ‘Posse’

Five NFL Players to Meet With Members of Congress to Discuss Race Issues and Police Brutality

Charles Barkley Previews New Show The Race Card: ‘Race Has Been the Biggest Problem of My Entire Adult Life’

GOP Rep. Finds Obama’s Morgan Freeman Joke ‘Outrageous’ After Charlotte

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