Philippines President Duterte Drops Rape Joke to Troops as He Implements Martial Law

‘The Lord Uses All Circumstances’: Lawmaker Responds to Question of If Rape and Incest Are ‘God’s Will’

‘I Feel Like I’ve Just Been Raped’: Judd Apatow Does an Anti-Trump Stand-Up Routine

University: Saying ‘If You Love Me, You Would Have Sex With Me’ Is Rape

No, Washington Post, 1 in 4 Europeans Don’t Think ‘Rape May Be Acceptable’

Attorney: Woman Accusing Trump of Child Rape Isn’t Going Public After Getting Threats

Jurors Pose For Pictures With NBA Star Derrick Rose After Finding Him Not Liable in Civil Rape Trial

Rolling Stone Deletes Article About the Derrick Rose Rape Case

Rush Limbaugh Says the Left Has Weaponized ‘Consent’ — ‘Here Comes the Rape Police!’

Katrina Pierson: Hollywood Pushes the Very ‘Rape Culture’ Democrats Are So Outraged About

Lawyer for Knicks’ Derrick Rose Asks Rape Trial Judge to Order Accuser to Stop Crying on the Stand

Man Crashes Fox & Friends Segment to Repeatedly Shout ‘Bill Clinton Is a Rapist’

NBC Reporter Apologizes For His Comments About Rape Cause Outcry

Convicted Rapist Darren Sharper’s Pro Football Hall of Fame Nomination Sparks Public Outcry

Trump Campaign Manager Hit For Comment That ‘Rape Would Not Exist’ If Women Were Stronger

Ann Coulter: Trump Is the Victim of ‘Media Rape’

Former Fox Correspondent Arrested in Virginia, Charged With Rape

Why Are Liberal Websites Like Salon Afraid to Call Amy Schumer’s Rape a ‘Rape?’

Kansas City Star Apologizes for Op-Ed Implying Rape is the Victim’s Fault

Undercovered: The Rape Crisis in Rural India

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