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Richard Painter

Richard Painter Slams Trump Over Claim He Can Do What He Wants With Justice Dept. ‘He is Not a King!’

Richard Painter Blasts GOP Rep. Calling For FBI ‘Purge’: ‘That Man Does Not Belong in Congress’

Bush White House Ethics Lawyer: Alan Dershowitz Is Out There ‘Shilling For the President’

Bush, Obama Ethics Chiefs Call Out Kellyanne Conway for Violating Hatch Act: ‘That is a Firing Offense’

Bush Ethics Chief: I Guess It’s Ok to ‘Treat a Fallen Soldiers’ Family Like Dirt’ if We Stand For Anthem

Richard Painter on Trump Politicizing Death of Kelly’s Son: ‘No Understanding of Human Emotions’

Richard Painter Demands Trump Fire Seb Gorka and Steve Bannon Over Charlottesville Violence

Ex-Bush White House Lawyer: ‘Nixon May Have Been a Crook’ But He ‘Wasn’t a Russian Agent’

Former Bush Counsel: Electoral College Can’t Vote For Trump if He’s in Violation of Constitution

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