Rick Wilson

Rick Wilson Goes Off on Ben Ferguson in Heated Clash Over Trump: You’re ‘Defending the Indefensible!’

Rick Wilson Battles Talk Radio Host Over Trump: ‘You Are a Master of Inane Arguments’

Rick Wilson and Ben Ferguson Go Off the Rails Over North Korea: ‘Weapons Grade Stupidity’

Rick Wilson: Surprised Scaramucci Didn’t Lift Up His Shirt and ‘Show Us His MAGA Tramp Stamp’

GOP Strategist Blasts Trump Supporters Over Unquestioning Loyalty: ‘Embrace His Utter F*cking Degeneracy’

MSNBC Contributor Rick Wilson: Priebus Isn’t the Babysitter ‘For This Man-Baby President’

GOP Strategist: Trump’s Health Care Dealmaking Went Over Like a ‘Fart in a Hurricane’

No, That Trump/Russia Dossier Isn’t an Elaborate 4chan Hoax

GOP Operative Rick Wilson Slams Trump and His ‘Ball-Washers’: ‘Their Allegiance Is to Putin’

‘That’s Not True!’ Trump Adviser AJ Delgado Loses It When Chris Hayes Says Racists Support Trump

‘Batsh*t Bonkers Crazy!’: GOP Strategist, Trump Advisor AJ Delgado Erupt on MSNBC

GOP Strategist Rick Wilson: Don’t Be Fooled By Trump’s Pivot, ‘Verbal Dysentery’ Will Return

‘History Will Be So Cruel to You’: Rick Wilson Lights Up Trump Backers in Tweetstorm

MSNBC Republican Slams Trump’s Racism By Making Ike Turner Domestic Violence Joke

GOP Consultant Talks Bad Political Behavior With Chris Hayes But Can’t Avoid Swearing

Why Is Ted Cruz Getting a Total Pass For Attack on Donald Trump’s Wife?

MSNBC Guest: Trump’s ‘Alt-Right’ Fans ‘Childless Single Men Who Masturbate to Anime’

GOP Strategist Rick Wilson Asks Coulter if Trump Pays for Anal

CNN Guest: ‘Verbally Incontinent’ Trump Is ‘Conning Conservatives’

A Fringe Coalition: When the Left and Right Join Forces to Discredit the Center

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