Sam Kass

Alex Wagner’s Facepalm Farewell Speech to Now Shows What Nepotism Can Buy

Of Course Adam Platt Hung Out With Sam Kass in Brooklyn

National Enquirer Uses Sam Kass’ Resignation to Call Out Michelle Obama

Sam Kass Resigns from White House Job

White House Chef Won’t Say in Interview Whether He Bakes or Fries Obama’s Chicken

Sam Kass to Be Married At Stone Barns This Weekend, So Cry It Out Now

Obama Will Attend MSNBC Host Alex Wagner’s Wedding

Sam Kass Rejected from School Lunch Summit Due to Political In-Fighting

Reports: ‘Industry Interests’ May Rip Apart School Nutrition Standards, Sam Kass Is On It

Breakfast Links: Happy 4/20, Go Eat Some Fast Food

WATCH: Sam Kass Uses His Ridiculously Handsome Face to Tour White House Garden Bees and Kale

A First Date with Sam Kass Includes Playing Catch in Nationals Stadium

Last Call: Martha Stewart Tweets One Bad Food Photo, a Petition to Teach Her How Is Born

Sam Kass to Educate The Next Generation of MasterChef Juniors

Last Call: 300 Sandwiches Lady Gets a Book Deal, While SF Chronicle Food Section Folds

Sam Kass, The Biggest Chef Hunk, to Guest-Judge The Biggest Loser

Sam Kass Receives NCAA Honor For Baseballing Real Good in College

GASP: Sam Kass Has Been Furloughed in Government Shutdown

Last Call: the Starving, Furloughed Government Worker’s Guide to Eating

Sam Kass Is Engaged, Breaks Food-Loving, Political Junkie Hearts Everywhere

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