Star Trek

Patrick Stewart Returning as Jean-Luc Picard in New Star Trek Series

George Takei Accused of Sexual Assault

Not the Nerds You’re Looking For: Florida TV Station Tells ‘Trekkies’ About New Star Wars Trailer

Star Trek Alums Sign Petition Opposing Donald Trump

To Boldly Troll: William Shatner Picks Twitter Feud With The Mary Sue

People Are Very Surprised by George Takei’s Reaction to Gay Sulu News

Boldly Go to Court: Legal Battle Over Klingon Language Rages On

Trekkies Go to Court: Here’s an Amazing Brief Defending Klingon as a Real Language

Ted Cruz Campaign Pulls Ad After Learning Actress Was a Porn Star

CBS Announces New Star Trek Series Set for 2017 Release

Ted Cruz: Captain Kirk Is Probably a Republican; Shatner: That’s Silly

Leonard Nimoy’s Son Starts Kickstarter for Spock Documentary

Either Fox’s Roger Ailes Worked on Star Trek or Someone Really Screwed Up…

‘I Loved Spock’: President Obama Releases Statement on Leonard Nimoy’s Passing

Star Trek‘s Leonard Nimoy Dies at 83

George Takei Tells Maher Why He Simply Cannot Stand William Shatner

LeVar Burton Launches Kickstarter to Bring Back Reading Rainbow

Last Call: There Was News Today That Had Nothing To Do With Paula Deen

Watch Star Trek Episode With Same Premise As Box Office Hit The Purge

WATCH: John Tesar Helps Zachary Quinto ‘Plead The Fifth’ On Porn Questioning

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