Ted Lieu

Ted Lieu: The Last Two Years Republicans Have Shown They ‘Didn’t Care About the Wall’

Fox News’ Ed Henry: Where Are the Statements from California Democrats on Horrific Cop-Killing?

Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu: We’re Not Going to Build Trump’s ‘Stupid Vanity Wall’

Rep. Ted Lieu to GOP Colleagues: ‘Consider Blaming Yourself’ For Negative Google Results

FBI Chief Christopher Wray: I Have No Idea What the Deep State Is

CNN Panelist Slams Dem Rep. For Playing Audio of Crying Children on House Floor: ‘A Serious Person Doesn’t Do That’

Rep. Ted Lieu Plays the Disturbing Audio of Children in Detention Center on the House Floor

Dem Rep. Reacts to Trump’s Call to Put Russia Back in G-7: What Does ‘Putin Have on Trump?’

Rep. Ted Lieu: Trump’s Pardons ‘Shouldn’t Be Based on Which Celebrities Have Access To the President’

Dem Rep Ted Lieu: Trump’s Tweets on McCabe ‘Gift That Keeps on Giving’ to Mueller

Sarah Sanders Slams Dem Rep. on Twitter: ‘Spend Less Time Tweeting, More Time Doing Your Job’

Dem Rep. Ted Lieu Slams Sessions for Russia Jokes: He ‘Still Doesn’t Get It’

CNN Hosts Grill Ted Lieu Over His Trump Name-Calling: ‘Is That a Grown-Up Thing To Do?’

Sessions Lashes Out After Dem Rep. Ted Lieu Accuses Him of Lying About Russian Contacts

Rep Ted Lieu: Jared Kushner ‘Lied And His Security Clearance Should Be Revoked’

‘Trump Doesn’t Care About Babies of Syria’: Rep. Ted Lieu Mocks WH Refugee Policy

Democratic Rep: Trump an ‘Evil Man’ Who is ‘Intentionally’ Trying to ‘Destroy’ American Lives

During MSNBC Interview, Democratic Rep. Thanks Network for ‘Speaking Truth to Power’

Democratic Rep. on Jeff Sessions: ‘Lying Before Congress Under Oath Qualifies to be Sent to Prison’

‘No, You Lost Ryan’: Democratic Rep. Slams Trump For Saying Military Lost Navy SEAL in Yemen Raid

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