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Morning Joe Grills GOP Rep. Tom Cole on Gun Control: What Can Be Done to ‘Prevent the Next Las Vegas?’

GOP Congressman Says Trump Can’t Bully Senators: ‘This Isn’t The Apprentice

GOP Rep.: ‘We Saw Two Different Presidents in the Last Two Nights’

‘My Great-Grandfather Was Forcibly Removed’ GOP Congressman Slams Trump’s Andrew Jackson Praise

Top House Republican: Trump Should Apologize To Obama For ‘Reckless’ Claim

GOP Rep. Cole: Challenges to Boehner are ‘Unprofessional and Very Disappointing’

Petraeus: Clinton ‘Would Make a Tremendous President’ Because of…Benghazi?

Lawmakers Clash Over Obamacare Report: ‘Great Spin, But I Don’t Think It’s Gonna Work’

Morning Joe Guests Grill GOP Rep. Over Why Republicans Aren’t Helping Fix Obamacare

GOP Congressman Agrees with President Obama: Redskins Should Change Name

MSNBC Guests Visibly Perturbed By GOP Rep. Reminding Them ObamaCare ‘Never Been Popular’

Mark Levin’s War On GOP Continues: Goes Nuts On Republican ‘Jackass’ Warning Against Gov’t Shutdown

GOP Representative: House Republicans Should Take The Deal, ‘We’ll Live To Fight Another Day’

GOP Congressman Urges Republicans To Cut Deal With Obama, Yield On Tax Cuts For Wealthy

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