Tommy Christopher

MSNBC’s Morning Joe Attacks Ted Cruz With Already Debunked Smear

Buzzfeed Apologizes for ’27 Questions for Black People’ Video: ‘We Made a Mistake’

Guess Which Other Former Democrat Came in Second in Iowa Republican Caucuses?

Ted Cruz Just Lying About Stupid Stuff Now

Cavuto Apology on Discredited Terror Expert Admirable But Unnecessary

Krugman: Obamacare Becoming ‘Benghazi-Type Affair’ ‘Nobody Else Cares About’ but GOP

Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher Grills Jay Carney: If Obamacare Delayed, Will GOP ‘Delay Heart Attacks?’

30 Rocking: Alec Baldwin Hire Is The Right Direction For MSNBC

Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher On Obama Terror Alert Critics: ‘Shut The Fox Up’

Greenwald And Risen’s Flawed Logic: Even If Snowden’s Crime Is Victimless, It Must Still Be Punished

Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher On Rush/Hannity: Not Like There’s A Shortage Of Young Conservative A**holes

Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher Talks Zimmerman On Current TV: ‘There Is A Reason Why Killers Kill Witnesses’

Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher And Glenn Greenwald In Tense Twitter Brawl Over Snowden

Mediaite’s Kirell, Rothman, And Christopher Battle Over NRA Proposals On The Young Turks

Rush Limbaugh Prepares To Apologize For Calling Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher ‘Brain Dead’

Tommy Christopher: Blaming Gun Violence On Video Games Like ‘Checking The Wiring In Your House While It’s On Fire’

The Ed Show: Utah Parent Shockingly Not Cool With Teachers Secretly Carrying Guns In School

Obama Presser On Gun Control Devolves Into Fiscal Cliff Questions, Twitter Freaks Out

Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher: Republicans Putting ‘Racing Stripes On The Same Old Crap’

Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher: Obama’s Biggest Advantage Leading Up To Election Is Mitt Romney

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