SC House Candidate Running for Trey Gowdy’s Seat: Transgender People ‘Got an Issue with Mental Illness’

Trump Issues Order to Ban Most Transgender Troops from Serving in Military

Transgender VA Dem Releases Ad Challenging GOP Opponent: ‘This is Just Who I Am’

Mattis to Convene Panel on Transgender Ban, Says Current Policy ‘Will Remain in Place’ for Now

‘Bigot’: Twitter Reacts to Trump Signing Transgender Ban Memo

Trump Signs Memo to Implement Transgender Military Ban

White House Reportedly Setting Guidelines for Military Transgender Ban

Conway on Whether Military Leaders Signed Off on Trump’s Transgender Ban: ‘I Can’t Answer That’

Caitlyn Jenner Was Spotted Wearing a MAGA Hat — And Twitter Is Going in Hard

Gorka on Transgender Ban: Military Exists to ‘Kill People and Blow Stuff Up,’ Not Reflect Society

Sarah Sanders Grilled on Transgender Ban: Was Trump ‘Aware He Can’t Make Policy Changes Via…Twitter?’

Chairman of Joint Chiefs: ‘No Modification’ to Transgender Policy Right Now

CNN Contributor Christine Quinn Erupts on Trump’s Transgender Ban: ‘A Goddamn Disgrace’

Jeffrey Lord Tells U.S. Military: ‘Pay For Your Own Viagra’

Krauthammer Mocks Trump on Transgender Ban: ‘Not How You Run a Railroad’

Bill Kristol Slams Trump Over Transgender Military Ban: ‘He Thinks It’s a Dictatorship’

Trump Chides Reporter for Transgender Ban Question at White House Event: ‘She’s Very Rude’

Pentagon Reportedly Feared Trump’s Transgender Ban Tweet Was Announcement of North Korea Strike

Should We Care What Soldiers Think About Transgender Ban in the Military?

Reporters Grill Huckabee Sanders Over Transgender Military Ban: Betrayal of LGBT Community?

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