Trump Shutdown

Even Rick Santorum Says Trump ‘Clearly Not a Winner’ on Shutdown Deal: He ‘Didn’t Deliver’

Here We Go Again: Trump Chief Mick Mulvaney Says ‘You Cannot Take a Shutdown Off the Table’

Even Republicans Overwhelmingly Oppose Using Government Shutdown As Political Leverage

Watch: CBO Director Warns Another Shutdown Would Increase Risk of ‘Security Incidents’

Kevin McCarthy Sputters on Claim Trump Put People Before Politics After Chuck Todd’s Three Word Response

Mick Mulvaney Accidentally Claims Ownership of Next Shutdown For Trump

Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney Claims Trump Caved Because He Was ‘Winning the Battle’

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Voted Against Reopening Government Over ICE Funding Weeks After Voting For It

Witness Kellyanne Conway Hold Her Most Futile Exchange Yet With a Reporter On The Definition of ‘Wall’

Watch: Steny Hoyer Says Republican Told Latino Democrat From California to Go Back to Puerto Rico

Trump Lost 7 Points with Republicans Since Dec.; 57% of Americans ‘Definitely’ Won’t Vote For Him in 2020

Michael Strahan Slams Trump’s Hamberder Feast, Offers to Buy Lobster for Clemson Tigers

Watch: Trump Adviser Tells Fox Biz Shutdown Economic Damage ‘A Little Bit Worse’ Than Expected. It’s Double.

Trump’s Own Economists Say Shutdown Will Cost Economy Double What They Thought It Would

New Poll: Most Americans Blame Trump and Republicans for Shutdown

CNN’s Brianna Keilar Shuts Trump Down For Saying ‘Last Night Was a Tremendous Victory for Republicans’

Nancy Pelosi Hilariously Offers Trump ‘One Dollar’ For Wall Funding

Pelosi and Schumer Slam Trump’s Oval Office ‘Temper Tantrum’: ‘Trump Shutdown as a Christmas Present’

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