Will Smith

Twitter Horrified By Will Smith’s Surprise Appearance in Aladdin Trailer at Grammys: ‘Straight, Nightmare Fuel’

The Internet Can’t Handle This Photo of Will Smith Looking Just Like Uncle Phil

‘Very, Very, Very Close’: Will Smith Discusses New Installment of This Fan-Favorite Film Franchise

Trump Reportedly ‘Threw a Fit’ on the Set of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Fox News Host Compares Ending Discrimination With Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide

Will Smith Says We Need to ‘Cleanse’ Trump From America

Will Smith Goes After Trump Again: It’s ‘Embarrassing’ to Hear Him Talk

Will Smith Slams Donald Trump in New Interview: ‘We Can’t’ Elect Him

New Video Shows Moments Before Shooting of Ex-NFL Player Will Smith

After Death of Star Player, Saints Coach Sean Payton Tackles Gun Control

The Lonely Island Did a Musical Tribute to Will Smith at the MTV Movie Awards

Jamie Foxx Ribs Will Smith for Oscars Boycott, Encourages Him to #ActBetter

Will Smith Will Not Attend Oscars, Says Nominees Reflect ‘Disharmony’ in America

Fresh Prince Actress Calls Out Jada Pinkett-Smith Over Oscar Ceremony Boycott

Trump Declares NFL Getting Too Soft, Again Taps Into Anti-PC Sentiment Many Privately Share

Will Smith Floats Presidential Run If Candidates Continue Talking ‘About Walls and Muslims’

Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show Debut Kills, Especially on YouTube

Of Course There’s a Fake Will Smith Tweet About James Avery’s Death

Wait, Was Will Smith’s Family Actually Watching Miley Cyrus in That Photo?

Guantánamo Bay Prisoners’ Favorite Library Item: Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

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