Chris Cuomo and GOP Rep. Get Heated Over Impeachment: ‘You’re Not Telling the Truth to the American People’


CNN’s Chris Cuomo got into a heated clash with Republican Congressman Markwayne Mullin tonight over Ukraine and impeachment in the wake of Bill Taylor‘s testimony.

Mullin decried a lack of transparency in the way the investigation is being conducted.

After going back and forth on the process for a bit, Mullin said in past impeachment cases, presidents “all committed crimes prior to the impeachment inquiry taking place.”

“Arguably that’s true here also,” Cuomo said.

“Tell me what he has done,” Mullin responded. “They’re in search of a crime.”

Cuomo dismissed that as a “political talking point” and said there’s no question he’d be arguing the opposite if the parties were reversed.

Mullin again asked what Trump has done. Cuomo said, “He asked a foreign power to get involved in an American election by getting dirt on his opponents.”

“You’re adding to that. That is not what the transcript said,” Mullin responded. “He said it’s important to the people that we find out the truth of what happened. One with the server, two with the connection with Joe Biden’s son Hunter.”

Cuomo asked, if it’s not a problem, why “everyone around this president put in place by him say ‘oh my God, I can’t believe he’s doing this, how do we stop this from happening.'”

Mullin disputed that and swiped at the “fake whistleblower.”

Cuomo brought up the testimony from Ambassador Gordon Sondland and Taylor. Mullin said he doesn’t know “people’s political motives,” calling him a “career bureaucrat.”

They argued over testimony and the Ukraine call again, with Mullin continuing to question what Trump even did that was wrong.

“He abused his power by asking a foreign sovereign to interfere in the election,” Cuomo said.

“He didn’t ask him to interfere in the election!” Mullin responded.

He questioned how Cuomo can be so sure when they haven’t seen all the transcripts and texts.

Cuomo remarked, “You guys saw texts from two lovers and you thought that there was a deep state conspiracy against the president based on two lovers’ useless conversation!”

Mullin again said the Democrats should be more transparent and “open the hearing.”

Towards the end of the interview, Cuomo said, “If you can’t look at this situation with this president and say you see obvious wrongs, then you’re not telling the truth to the American people.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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