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CNN’s John Avlon Says Bill Barr ‘Undercuts the Independence’ of DOJ by Booking Trump Hotel

CNN anchor John Avlon trashed Attorney General Bill Barr’s decision to hold a Department of Justice event at one of President Donald Trump’s hotels, saying the choice “undercuts the integrity” of DOJ.

“It’s about more than incredibly bad judgment,” Avlon said. “It’s about undercutting the independence and credibility of the Justice Department from the top.”

“The Justice Department right now is engaged in a series of lawsuits defending the Trump hotels against charges it’s breaking the emoluments clause. For the attorney general of the United States to choose to give the Trump organization $30,000 of his own money so his guests could have a $100 a head buffet … that sends an intentional message and it undercuts the independence and integrity of the office,” Avlon said.

Avlon was appearing on CNN New Day with John Berman and Alisyn Camerota Wednesday to speak about Barr reportedly booking a $30,000 holiday party at the Trump International Hotel in D.C. An official has said Barr only booked Trump’s hotel after other hotels ended up booked, and he is paying for the event himself.

CNN commentator Joe Lockhart also trashed the decision.

“It’s not the $30,000 number that’s important. It’s the idea the attorney general of the United States is supposed to be above politics. And since he’s taken the job, he’s acted like the president’s defense attorney and the optics of this are awful,” Lockhart said. “It just stinks.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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