Jeffrey Toobin: If This Isn’t Obstruction of Justice, I’d Like to See What Is Obstruction of Justice

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Since the Mueller Report was released earlier on Thursday, cable news pundits have been trying to make sense of the nearly 400-page document in real time. CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin was caught chuckling off-camera just before noon, and when asked why he explained what he clearly sees as a very odd decision for Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Attorney General William Barr to not pursue charges of Obstruction of Justice.

The moment came after Pamela Brown reported that Mueller’s investigation found that President Donald Trump twice directed then-White House Counsel Don McGahn to fire Robert Mueller. This after reportedly acknowledging that his “presidency was over” when then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions informed Trump that Mueller had been named Special Counsel.

Toobin exasperated “if this isn’t obstruction of justice, I’d like to see what is obstruction of justice,” before noting “the scale and the number of episodes in the way that the president tried to stop this investigation without stopping it.”

He added “So [Trump] spends the next year trying to interfere with that investigation so his presidency doesn’t end?” before suggesting that’s as “clear an indication” that Trump endeavored to Obstruct justice, a crime that Special Counsel Mueller ostensibly punted on, but notably admitted that they did not have confidence that President Trump had not criminally done so.

Watch above via CNN.

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